Spring is here! Officially.

Spring rain
conveyed under the trees
in drops.

–Matsuo Bashō

Today I thought I’d write about ikebana. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. This time-honored art form encapsulates the essence of nature and humanity combined.

Ikebana likes to enhance not so much the flower itself, but the body of the plant, i.e. stems and leaves, with particular emphasis on shape, line, and form.

With discipline and restraint, the artist’s creative expression comes to life. With complementing shapes, colors, and form, the true nature of the artist appears. The minimalistic approach is centered on the three points of a triangle, representing heaven, earth and man or the sun, the moon and earth.

Practitioners of this ancient Japanese method prefer to do it absolute silence, so that they may better listen to the plants and their surroundings, as they reflect on human nature.

So remember, every now and then to have a silent moment. Nature is speaking.

For more information, check out this site.



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