Wedding Fun, April 28th

Hello everyone!  As promised, we are here to tell you about some wedding fun we had over the weekend.  We’ll be continuing this ‘series’ throughout the year with little snippets of each event.  This past weekend the wedding was held at the Long View Gallery.  This gallery is a truly modern and elegant space, covered in artwork.  The flow of the space is so natural and there is even a bit of outdoor space as well.  Instead of trying to fight the clean lines of the space, the bride this past weekend totally embraced it!  She went with simple, yet unique, vases filled with monochromatic flowers.

Small details on an otherwise plain glass vase add a unique twist to this arrangement of all pink tulips

The amazing texture of all white spider mums is accentuated in a small glass goblet

Milkglass holds a mix of yellow iris and incredible yellow ranunculus

Sparkling mercury glass gives these sweet pink roses a metallic edge

When put together down a king’s table, these small arrangements made a huge impact.

The finished product!

When the six tables were all arranged, these small pieces really popped!  This just goes to show that you don’t need to have extremely elaborate and ‘showy’ arrangements to make a space look full of florals.  Sometimes, letting the space itself add to the decor is your best bet!

We’ll be back on Thursday with a post about everyone’s favorite spring flower — peonies!


Diana and Meg










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