“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Hello everyone!  If you’re getting the wet, dreary weather that we have here, we hope you’re staying dry and cozy inside this week!  Even though these rain showers can certainly be a ‘downer,’ it is still good to remember that they are fueling all of the beautiful wildflowers that will soon be popping up all over the place.  Meg has a wedding in a few weeks that completely revolves around the use of wildflowers, and it’s been so fun to mix and match these natural flowers to create a stunning centerpiece.  One reason wildflowers are great is because they transcend any type of color scheme.  They are a theme and color scheme all by themselves, and they match together so organically.

White, green, yellow, and even blue wildflowers marry to create a loose, natural, and gorgeous bouquet

Using mostly jewel-toned wildflowers, these bouquets really 'pop' against a lighter color dress

The bridal party aren't the only ones who can rock out the wildflower personal flowers!

Another great thing about wildflowers is that they add to the natural beauty of the surroundings you are marrying in.  Instead of competing with the green grass, the blue skies, and the bright sunshine, wildflowers recognize their grandeur and only compliment it.  This is particularly true if you’re marrying outside.

Something as simple as a few sunflowers and daisies can really brighten up a ceremony space

A lemon leaf garland accented with flower-covered wreaths gives this country affair extra class

Purple wildflowers are tucked into a tin vase with moss accents to line a beautifully natural aisle

For Meg’s wildflower wedding, we are using little mason jars for the centerpiece vases.

The bride's colors are yellow and white, with a touch of blue -- her alma mater's colors!

We love the idea of a wood 'charger plate' to frame the wildflower centerpieces

And if you read our earlier post about cake flowers, you would have learned that a lot of wildflowers are edible, and perfect to adorn your cake!

A small and simple cake is taken to the next level with an overflowing wildflower cake topper

If this is what comes from all these April showers, we’ll take it!  We hope these images brightened up your day as much as they brightened up ours!


Diana and Meg









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