Happy Monday everyone!  If you didn’t read our last post, don’t forget that this week is Adminstrative Professional’s Week.  We just put up a few new arrangements on our web-site specifically with that in mind, so go check it out!

Diana spent this past weekend at a lovely wedding at the Meridian House here in D.C.  This gorgeous Beaux Arts style home proved to be the perfect backdrop for both the ceremony and the reception.  As wedding season ramps up, we’ll each be contributing posts detailing our weekend wedding pursuits, so stay tuned for that!

Meg went up to Vermont for the weekend to shop for a wedding venue for her own wedding, which will be held in the summer of 2013.  At one of the locations she visited, she came across the most amazing spread of flowers that had been placed for a wedding later that evening.  The arrangements were carefully placed incrementally down the long king’s table and varied in height, size, and shape.  One of the more striking arrangements was also one of the most simple — a mason jar stacked full with white hyacinth.  Because hyacinth are at the height of their season right now, we thought we’d show you some of our favorite ways to use hyacinth.

The contrast of the jewel-toned hyacinth with the bright yellow tulips makes for a simple, yet structured arrangement

The same blue hyacinth is used as a pop of color amidst calla lilies, tulips, roses, and orchids

Vase arrangements need not hold this beautiful flower back.  We love how hyacinth screams ‘Spring’ no matter how it is arranged.

Using a decorative trifle dish, these light pink hyacinth and tulips pair perfectly with the ruffled green ranunculus

This is truly purple fever when purple hyacinth are mixed with light purple anemones!

We love the simplicity of the bulbs of hyacinth set in rustic containers with river rocks

No matter how you use this beautiful stalk-like flower, you will be sure to please your guests.  They are fresh and unique, and just a handful packed into a glass vase will make an impact, as Meg has seen!


Diana and Meg






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