Let them eat cake!

Hello everyone!  We hope you had an amazing weekend and were able to enjoy some of the spectacular weather that we’ve been having here in D.C.  We both had fun-filled weekends with family, friends, and good food.  Along with the good food, we enjoyed some delicious dessert as well — nothing like a sweet and refreshing ice cream cone on a hot Spring day!  That got us thinking about one of our favorite desserts, wedding cake!  We love to work with brides and grooms to embellish this already delicious looking culinary treat.  We also love how the cake can serve as the centerpiece of the entire reception space, tying the whole look together with color and texture.

Bright pink peonies and striking green cymbidium orchids add drama to an already impressive cake

Even a simple topper can bring an elegant cake to the next level

Although brides and grooms might want to use the same flowers as they have used throughout the wedding, it is important to know that some flowers can be poisonous when inserted into a cake.  There are many flowers that have poisonous properties (of varying degrees), but some of the more popular varieties include anemone, calla lily, daffodil, delphinium, hyacinth, hydrangea, iris, ivy, lily of the valley, morning glory, star of bethlehem, and sweet pea.  Just because they can be poisonous if you consume them directly, doesn’t mean you have to leave them off your cake entirely.  We are able to put water tubes on the stems and then place them carefully so that they have limited contact with the icing.  Additionally, we can make the cake topper into a dish that sits on top of the icing so no part of the flower touches the cake at all.

Blue hydrangeas are placed in water tubes and arranged carefully for minimal contact with the icing

Although roses are not poisonous, here is an example of a cake topper made onto a dish to simply be placed on top

If a flower isn’t poisonous, there’s a good chance their petals are actually edible.  Some popular flowers that can be eaten are carnations, chrysanthemums, day lilies, gardenias, roses, snapdragons, sunflowers, and violets.  We wouldn’t particularly recommend taking the cake flowers off and passing them around for a taste, but it’s an interesting fact nonetheless!

Cake flowers can be used regardless of what your color or theme is — the possibilities are truly endless!

Light pink orchids give this cake a doubly sweet look!

Freesia, lisianthus, and roses cascade down the four tiers

Various flowers in white and cream tones compliment the beautiful cake with a lovebird topper 🙂

If cake flowers aren't your thing, a moss cake plate adds a natural element

Hope you enjoyed this sugary post as much as we enjoyed writing it — and just know that anything goes when it comes to decorating your wedding cake!


Diana and Meg




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