Happy Monday everyone!  We really enjoyed the amazing weather we had over the weekend — weather that was made for outdoor activities and fun in the sun.  We couldn’t help but notice how quickly all of the Spring plants and flowers have just totally exploded out of the ground this year.  Most every hotel, restaurant, and apartment building has a beautiful planting out front that is so full of colorful and vibrant flowers.  One popular planting we’ve noticed this year is yellow and red tulips.  Tulips are one of our favorite flowers — Meg in particular.  She has always said if she could only have one flower at her wedding, it would be parrot tulips!  Along with parrot tulips, there are two other popular varieties; Dutch and French tulips.

 Parrot Tulips have a very unique shape and texture and come in a variety of multicolored ‘designs’


Dutch Tulips are the more traditional tulip and are more petite than French tulips

French Tulips have longer stems and larger flowers, making them look very elegant

Tulips are a beautiful flower because of their clean lines and fresh green stems, and they come in a variety of colors.  If your wedding is more neutral in color, you could do a mostly cream and mauve colored bouquet with unique ruffled parrot tulips adding texture.

In addition to ruffled parrot tulips, white anemones, white ranunculus, and various roses in cream and blush pink bring this bouquet together

Conversely, if you’re going for a brighter look, the stand out hues of certain tulips can really make a statement.

All you need are some cheerful parrot tulips to make a truly unique bouquet

Besides being able to ‘stand on their own,’ tulips are great accents to any arrangement.  They work particularly well in structured arrangements, where the beauty of their clean lines can shine.

The graceful stem of the French tulips coupled with the light pink roses makes for a modern and different Valentine's Day arrangement

This is one of our favorites -- the deep red parrot tulips against the white roses and rich green leaf make this arrangement a total gem. One picture is just not enough...

...Side view...

...Aerial view!

Lastly, tulips express the emotion that is ‘SPRING’ and are perfect for more romantic and sweet arrangements, such as ones for Mother’s Day.

This simple rose bowl filled with Dutch tulips would be perfect for a cocktail table at a Mother's Day Brunch

There is nothing more 'Spring-like' than Hyacinth, and when paired with Dutch tulips and put in a metallic vase you have a perfectly modern centerpiece for any Spring fete!

We are so excited to use these amazing flowers in a few of our upcoming weddings and special events and hope that you make sure to keep a look out for some blooming beauties in your neighborhood too!


Diana and Meg








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