Flowering Trees

Here in D.C., we are at the height of the ‘flowering tree’ season, and we couldn’t love it more.  Pick a hue and you’ll find the most amazing, vibrant, and downright gorgeous flowering tree blossoming in that shade; pink, yellow, white, and even fuchsia.  In that trend, we’ve seen a lot of brides requesting everything from flowering tree accents to entire centerpieces featured these delicate blossoms.

One of the first flowering trees to bloom is quince, or pear blossom.  This beautiful and complex bloom comes in both white and pink and is available before the high-coveted Cherry Blossom.

White Pear Blossom Mixed with Cherry Blossom makes for a show-stopping escort card table

The contrast between the dark branches and the white of the blossoms is truly beautiful, and so organic looking.  For brides getting married outside of the Spring season, we’ve been able to duplicate this look using Curly Willow and Dendrobium Orchids.

This was used on either side of an altar for a perfect ceremony backdrop

Then, there’s the ‘creme de la creme’ of flowering trees, the Cherry Blossom.  Ubiquitous in this area, the Cherry Blossom is a regal, yet dainty, flowering tree with a very short growing season.  Perfect for tall arrangements, Cherry Blossom can also be incorporated into personal flowers as an accent.

Petite Cherry Blossoms are featured in this bouquet along with tissue paper thin Peonies and compact Ranunculus

Added with another flower, Cherry Blossom can be ‘softened’ a bit.  Often thought of as a cut flower, Hydrangea is actually a flowering plant.  When paired together, the clean lines of the Cherry Blossom mix perfectly with the soft and pillow-like shape of the Hydrangea.

With large, white Calla Lilies added in, this arrangement is sophistication at its' finest!

Since Hydrangea come in white, blue, pink, purple, and green, the color combinations of this type of arrangement truly run the gamut.  Additionally, as shown above, other accent flowers can be added to increase the complexity of the arrangement, or to add another splash of color.

Although we are looking forward to summer, we will be sad to see the flowering trees start to lose their petals, one by one.  Luckily, there’s plenty of beautiful blossoms during wedding season to keep us satiated until next year!


Diana and Meg


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