Baby’s Breath, not just a filler!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We did a beautiful wedding this past weekend and I was inspired to write about it today after looking over some pictures.  The bride decided to use Baby’s Breath as the main flower for her ceremony.  I can’t tell you how many times I meet with brides and they say “NO Carnations, NO Baby’s Breath!”  I totally understand and respect everyone’s personal flowers likes and dislikes, but Baby’s Breath doesn’t have to be relegated to a life of a ‘filler flower’ or an accent during Valentine’s Day.  When bunched together, Baby’s Breath truly resembles its’ name — a very sweet and delicate flower with understated softness.  This weekend, the bride used Baby’s Breath to line the pews, as well as the aisle.

The bow can be customized based upon your color scheme

The Baby's Breath pomanders bring the whole look together

Baby’s Breath can be utilized in personal flowers as well.  Besides the obvious use as a filler in larger flower-filled bouquets, Baby’s Breath is strong enough to stand on its own, and can even be used for boutonnieres.

Luscious Baby's Breath Bouquets

Lastly, Baby’s Breath brings an ethereal look at any reception.

The vases add to the drama of the overall look

Stay tuned for more posts using our gorgeous Spring Weddings as inspiration and have a beautiful day!


Diana and Meg


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